Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to prevent sanitary risks

Founded in 1987 in Cholet (France), OCTOPUS ROBOTS is a leading company at an international level in the design, manufacture and marketing of mobile, autonomous, intelligent and modular robots devoted to specific tasks one would not expect to be performed by robots.

OCTOPUS ROBOTS develops a range of cutting-edge robots intended for specific applications in various industries such as Agro-food, Healthcare, Defense, Civil Protection, Surveillance and Transport, just to name a few.



Octopus Basics is a versatile robot for a variety of uses, from heavy load transport to monitoring. It adapts according to your needs.


The Octopus Biosafety robot is designed to decontaminate equipment and buildings of large volumes such as warehouses and food factories, airports’ terminals, shopping malls and other buildings receiving public.

Poultry Safe

The Octopus Poultry Safe robot aims to help agri-food professionals prevent risk and treat contaminations. It has been designed to sanitize large buildings such as poultry farms and especially their litters.


The Octopus Scarifier robot is designed to aerate the litter in presence of animals and monitor large buildings such as poultry farms. Thanks to its unique scarifier, it returns and aerates all types of substrates.


Octopus Poultry Safe & Scarifier in action
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Octopus Scarifier for Animal Welfare
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