Octopus Biosafety

The Octopus Biosafety robot is designed to decontaminate equipment and buildings of large volumes such as warehouses and food factories, airports’ terminals, shopping malls and other buildings receiving public.

It spreads on a large scale biocides in aerosol form (microscopic liquid particles). The biocide particles are diffused on all surfaces (360°) including those that seem inaccessible or hidden.

Thanks to its mobility, it manages to distribute targeted or broad-spectrum biocides in a homogeneous way throughout the targeted volume and to destroy the microorganisms (multi-resistant bacteria or other pathogens) by overcoming the constraints of air flow and temperature gradients.


Octopus Biosafety is equipped with sensors, cameras and systems that allow the collection, analysis and storage of data very useful to the smooth running of your establishment. Our robot communicates with you (WIFI, SMS …). It keeps you informed in real time so you can react quickly. 


Our Octopus Biosafety robot limits the exposure of your operators to airborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) and to chemical treatments (disinfectants, insecticides, etc.), since they do not require any human intervention during operations. They contribute to reduce the hardness at work and are used safely.

"OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY effectively treats very large volumes."