Octopus Biosafety Mini & Mini - PRO

ADS portative and autonomous micro-nebulisor  
(Airborn Disinfection of Surfaces)

  • Forced air technology
  • 12 µm calibrated micro-drops = dry nebulization
  • For rooms up to 150 m3
  • 2 models available
    • Octopus Biosafety Mini
    • Octopus Biosafety Mini – PRO (5 times faster)
  • Homogeneous distribution on all surfaces and air volumes
  • Targeted or broad spectrum treatment including hidden areas
  • Decreased microbial load; viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts …
  • No human intervention
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi connection via smartphone or tablet
  • Programmable cycle time with self-timer – Remote triggering
  • Complete disinfection monitoring and reports
  • Standard jerrycan of 2,5L
  • Patented system  ViruGun™️Inside    

*Non-contractual visuals

Download the Octopus Biosafety app!

Control your Biosafety Mini in a few clicks. Choice of locations and volumes, changeable disinfection speed (normal or eco), planning of your disinfection campaigns, etc. Disinfection has never been so easy!

In addition, your disinfection reports are directly accessible on it.

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