About us

Founded in 1987 in Cholet (France), Octopus Robots (formerly named MCAI) is a leading company at an international level in the design, manufacture and marketing of mobile, autonomous, intelligent and modular robots devoted to specific tasks one would not expect to be performed by robots.

In 2015, thanks to its expertize in electronics, automative, artificial vision, Octopus Robots pioneered the development of a line of innovative robots including a line of “sanitary robots” intended to efficiently decontaminate extensive buildings such as livestock buildings, large food warehouses but also airports and shopping malls. Octopus Robots is also developing robots to monitor sensitive sites where protection is a top priority.

All its robots are equipped with advanced communication and navigation systems that facilitate optimal guidance and monitoring, as well as autonomous vehicles… A concentration of advanced technology for health, safety and productivity.

Our history

  • 1987 : Foundation of the company. It was named MCAI. Initially, the company was specializing in developing and manufacturing metrology products for industrial applications.
  • 2004 : The company was taken over by Mr. Olivier Somville who brought a new dynamic and opened up new markets . 

    MCAI took every opportunities and moved into various sectors such as HealthCare by developing patented technologies in the area of High Level Disinfection (HLD) for surfaces.

  • 2012 : MCAI developed a innovative airborne disinfection system. It marketed and sold through a network of distributors worldwide.
  • 2014 : MCAI has made the radical decision to assign the intellectual property attached to its airborne disinfection system .
  • 2015 : MCAI has decided to massively invest in the development of innovative robots and hired a team of specialists. Since then, the company is exclusively devoted to develop its range of Octopus robots.
  • 2017 : Since June 2017 MCAI SAS becomes OCTOPUS ROBOTS SA.
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