• Further develop its reputation and offering
  • Reinforce its financial strength to expand worldwide
  • Diversify financial sources

To purchase Octopus Robots shares, you need an account with a financial intermediary (bank, investment company, on-line broker etc.). You can choose between: a securities account or a French securities-based savings plans (PEA).

ISIN :                                                                                          FR0013310281

Mnemo :                                                                                           MLOCT

CFI code :                                                                                        ESVUFN

Listing procedure :                                                           Technical admission

No. of shares making up the share capital :                 1 765 944

Number of shares sold :                                                              15 000

Sale price per share :                                                                     15,07 €

Notional amount of the sale :                                                226,01 K€

Value adopted for listing :                                                      26 608 K€

First listing :                                                                               March 14, 2018

Date of exchange :                                                                 March 15, 2018

Eligible for PEA, SME PEA                                                             Yes

IMPORTANT: The transaction is carried out in the framework of the listing of OCTOPUS ROBOTS securities on Euronext Paris stock exchange (Euronext Access), through technical admission. The transaction does not require any AMF approval pursuant to the provisions included within the Euronext Access organizational memo.

Technology companies changing the farm and powering the future of farming and agribusiness.

  • A clear positioning in markets driven by major health challenges
  • A breakthrough technology evidenced by a mobile, intelligent, autonomous and modular robot suited to addressing the new threats and challenges the poultry industry is facing
  • Several technical and commercial partnerships established with the largest poultry producers in France and abroad
  • Drivers for growth in the decontamination of extensive buildings (industrial sites, food storage facilities…)
  • Rapid growth opportunities with profitability

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